Brushless Servomotor
for efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions


YiLing Motors was founded by people who have been working in the electric motor business since 2005. Our goal is to bridge the gap between European SMEs and China’s economies of scale by eliminating intermediary costs.

We achieve this by importing directly from validated manufacturers in China, enabling us to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. Additionally, we also provide customized products to meet customer needs without requiring a minimum quantity.

By maintaining control over the entire supply chain, we ensure high quality and fair pricing. All products are CE certified.


  • Twenty years’ experience in the electric motor business in China

  • Bringing SMEs closer to the advantages of Chinese economies
  • Import from validated manufacturing companies only
  • Competitive price without compromising on quality
  • Customize products with no minimum quantities required
  • All products are CE certified


Driver and Brushless Servomotor Package

Driver and Brushless Servomotor Package

This package is the ideal choice for your application, it features an AC or DC Driver with Brushless Servomotor, available with Modbus, CANopen or EtherCAT.

  • Complete AC or DC Driver with Bushless Servomotor

  • Driver with Modbus, CANopen, or EtherCAT communication protocol

  • Compact design for flexible integration and easy maintenance

Customizable Brushless Servomotors Solutions

Customizable Brushless Servomotors Solutions

Choose our customizable Brushless Servomotor solutions for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for your industrial application.

  • Compact 10 pole Brushless Servomotors with high energy efficiency

  • Flange size ranging from 40 to 180 mm

  • Single Turn 17 Bit or Multi-turn Absolute 23 Bit Encoder

  • Wide range of AC and DC Brushless Servomotors for reliable and cost-effective applications
  • Dedicated engineering support for personalized solutions

DC Brush Motor

DC Brush Motor

Combining the simplicity of a DC Brush Motor with the remarkable capabilities of a Brushless Motor, this motor offers a perfect blend of reliability and performance.

  • DC Brush Motor with high magnetic density

  • Voltage from 24V to 90V

  • DC Brush Motor with the performance of a Brushless Motor

  • High torque for demanding tasks

  • Optional Encoder


Planetary Gearboxes

Taiwanese quality with cost advantages of China.

  • Wide selection in size and shape

  • Straight tooth and helical tooth

  • Low noise levels

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